Will a 8GB microSD memory be enough for installing KLite in a Raspberry PI?

I am thinking of installing KLite in a Raspberry PI and was wondering if a 8GB memory would be enough for the base software and some content for testing.

According to this manual http://ka-lite.readthedocs.io/en/latest/installguide/tutorial_rpi.html
I will need a 64GB memory card, so it seems I don’t have much choices.

As I didn’t receive any response, I purchased a 64GB microSD but after installing raspbian and
KA-Lite noticed that only 6GB is being used so if you are in a similar situation like I was
you can use a smaller memory card to start working:

@atahualp4 Hi! Sorry for not responding to the question.

In the docs it says

In order to have complete ka-lite installation one would need a 64GB MicroSD Card

So yeah, if you do not need the complete list of videos, I think 8GB would suffice if you are not planning to download all videos