KA Lite video downloads on Raspberry Pi

Original message:

Please i need assistance on how to download full ka-lite videos in english into my Raspberry Pi. The size of the file is 34Gb, and i am unable to download it from the torrent site

  1. I am trying to download the full KA Lite videos in English
  2. I want to install the video on Raspberry Pi model B
  3. The Raspberry Pi has 64Gb USB drive
  4. I attached the learning equality site where I want to download the videos from
  5. I intend to use torrent software to download the videos
  6. I attached the error message I got when attempting to download (I made several attempts) the videos

My objective is to be to download the file below into a Raspberry Pi B

Hi @laura

The OP is doing the right thing, however I think that our trackers are down. They may have been down for a while. Will investigate…

Hi Benjamin,

Can you connect me with any KaLite/Kolibri developers, Thanks