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Welcome to Learning Equality's Community Forum

[README] This forum is for the Learning Equality community to ask and answer questions, share experiences and progress regarding use of KA Lite and Kolibri in different contexts, and connect with users around the world. Please read our policies below before posting. This is a community forum for everyone to have an opportunity to share their stories, ideas, and experiences. Learning Equality reserves the right to edit posts to clarify language and enforce positive community principles.

Messages from the Team

News and announcements from the Learning Equality team.


Welcome to the Support section! If you are encountering any technical challenges while using KA Lite or Kolibri, ask them here.

Success Stories

Has your community deployed KA Lite or Kolibri? Share your story with others here! Don’t forget to add KA Lite stories to our map and share your Kolibri successes at [email protected]

Planning Your Kolibri Program

Are you thinking about bringing Kolibri to your community? Brainstorm your plan and learn from other users here. Pedagogical models, funding sources, best practices, etc.

Teachers and Coaches

Share experience and strategies on the pedagogical and implementation models you have used with Kolibri in your learning environment.

Content and Materials

Provide feedback on your experience with using content in Kolibri or let us know what content subject areas you would like to see more of.