Portable KA Lite Single User standalone version in Pendrive or SD Card

I don’t have admin rights to install KA lite in my computer.

How to use KA lite using memory card. I am looking for standalone light version to be used by a single user.

I am not a programmer and I don’t understand the steps given in KA lite help. Please see below

Step by step configuration and a you tube video on how to install and configure will help.

The following is extract from help regarding Portable tarballs setup. However I dont understand this

Portable tarballs / zip files with setup.py

If you can’t install KA Lite on systems with the standard Windows/Mac/Linux installers, you can fetch the KA Lite python package from PyPi.

To unpack the package for installation, run:

tar -xf ka-lite-static-0.17.1.tar.gz
Once it’s unpacked, install it by entering the extracted directory and running:

sudo python setup.py install
Beware that the PyPi sources do not contain assessment items, so you need to download the contentpack en.zip manually (>700 MB)…