Updating mastery requirements on Studio does not transfer to local Kolibri channel

Below is my current installation details.

I just updated mastery requirements on Khan Academy Arithmetic content on Studio and the updated my local Kolibri content. The mastery requirements did not change. However, I have recently created some new channels with the higher level mastery requirements set from the outset and those transferred correction.

My thoughts are: Does it require that I delete the local channel and re-download the content? If so, would I lose all the work I have done in organizing that content into classes and lessons, or would the freshly re-downloaded content just repopulate them?

Another thought: I have Khan early math content in both French and Fulfulde on our server. Would I need to change the mastery settings on those other languages? Maybe the mismatch is causing problems?

Version: 0.13.2
OS: Linux-4.19.69-v7±armv7l-with-debian-9.11
Python: 3.5.3
Installer: kolibri(apt) with kolibri-server Version: 0.3.8~beta2-0ubuntu1
Server: nginx/1.10.3
Database: /home/pi/.kolibri/db.sqlite3
Device name: raspberrypi
Free disk space: 60 GB
Server time: Wed May 20 2020 18:51:36 GMT+0100 (WAT)
Server timezone: Africa/Douala

Hello @cjackson,

Apologies for the inconvenience! You should not have to delete content to get your changes to show up. However, if your changes aren’t getting saved to the republished database, this sounds like a bug in Studio. Could you please send a link to an exercise that isn’t getting updated along with what the expected mastery settings should be?

Thank you for your patience,

Here’s a link: https://studio.learningequality.org/channels/eabc76dbfc5f4d77a6ec9812d4ed1993/edit/1742d84/de71322

While drilling down to find an example exercise, I then opened it up the “Editing Exercise” window that shows the settings for the exercise. It was still set at “M of N”… However, I had changed the global mastery setting for the entire channel to 100%. This would indicate that changing the global setting does not seem to impact the underlying exercises for some reason. In fact, I just looked at lessons that were recently created where we set the mastery level to 100% from the outset and then imported. The exercises from Khan within that channel are still showing M of N. Example: https://studio.learningequality.org/channels/3deccb98748f4e68b715bbaacb5ef647/edit/6571a35/4722c6b

@Jordan: I decided today to manually set the mastery requirements in some of of the lessons in Studio. These are all Khan Academy exercises. I tried to select multiple of the exercises to change the mastery requirements, but it only applies to the one that I click on after having select the multiple. Thus, to change the mastery setting requires to manually open and edit each exercise.

Hello @cjackson,

Thank you for clarifying! Yes, the global settings only affect newly created content to avoid accidentally overwriting fields on existing content. However, it seems like having an option to apply to all content might be a nice feature, so I’ll add it to our list of feature proposals.

As for the exercises from Khan Academy, I am seeing 100% on the one you linked, so it might be that the data isn’t updating properly on the browser. Could you try refreshing and seeing if the mastery M of N persists?

We also don’t support selecting content that isn’t visible on the screen. For instance, if you select an exercise under one topic and open another topic, that exercise is no longer visible and won’t count as selected. However, you may be able to get around this by following these steps:

  1. Drag and drop exercises to the topic above (e.g. Exponents (basic) -> Whole Number Powers)
  2. Select all the visible exercises (e.g. any exercises you moved under Whole Number Powers)
  3. Set the mastery level to the desired criteria
  4. Move exercises back to original location (e.g. Exponents (basic) -> Introduction to Powers)

Again, apoligies for the incovenience as I realize this isn’t the ideal workflow for handling this. We are working to improve your experience across the entire Studio platform, and I hope we can improve this workflow as part of that.

Thank you again for your patience!

Thanks for your reply. The mastery settings of the examples I gave you have changed because I changed them manually.

I did notice something today as I was working on other mastery settings. Exercises there we nested 2+ folders deep do not update, but those that are one level deep are affected by the mastery setting.

Example: https://studio.learningequality.org/channels/b94a1f14a8d44e349962608c48048374/edit/2ae9ca3/fe4aa67

Exercise found in Cell Division > Key Terms > Intro to Cell Division required manual change.
While Cell Divison > Cell Division Quiz did not require manual change.

BTW, I agree with you that a way to apply a global change to all content in a Studio channel would be a nice time saver.

Ah I see. I have opened an issue to make sure we resolve this going forward. In the meantime, if you have any channels you’d like to bulk update the mastery levels for, I’m happy to run a script to take care of it for you while we work on resolving this. All I need is your channel url and the desired mastery criterion


Wow! Thanks for your help. Here are the channels still in need of mastery changes. We want them set to 100% across the board. We can adjust from there as needed.






All exercises from those channels should be updated with the correct mastery model now. Please let me know if you’d like any further assistance!

Thank you!


Could you please do the same for the following channels?


Thanks in advance.

Your channels should be updated now

Would you be able too update mastery settings to 100% on these channels as well?





Thanks again for your help, in advance.

Hello @cjackson,

I have updated the channels you listed


Thank you!


I have one more channel that needs mastery set to 100%:


Thanks in advance!

Your channel should be updated

Thank you!


Hi Jordan. I believe you’re still working with LE. This is a follow-up the topic I raised back in 2020 with the issue of globally changing exercise mastery requirements. I just did a refresh of content on Studio which then made it so that I needed to republish (I think that is right) and then download again/refresh the content on our local Kolibri. In doing so, all of the mastery changes you helped me make were changed.

I remember that this was something that you proposed to have an a feature improvement in Studio. However, if you did, I can’t find where that option is. Maybe that feature is not possible, or not yet integrated into Studio.

If it is not yet possible, is there some what I could do it?


Hi @cjackson,

Long time no speak! @jordan is no longer with LE, so I am jumping in here.

We are currently designing how best to do this kind of bulk editing, so it is not in Studio just yet.

I can definitely help out with applying the changes for now. What do you need doing?

Another thing that you may find of interest is that in a version of Kolibri to be released later this year, we will have support for practice quizzes as a part of channels. This might work better for a 100% mastery criterion than an exercise, as learners can answer all the questions, check their score, and then try again.

Kind Regards,