Updating mastery requirements on Studio does not transfer to local Kolibri channel

Below is my current installation details.

I just updated mastery requirements on Khan Academy Arithmetic content on Studio and the updated my local Kolibri content. The mastery requirements did not change. However, I have recently created some new channels with the higher level mastery requirements set from the outset and those transferred correction.

My thoughts are: Does it require that I delete the local channel and re-download the content? If so, would I lose all the work I have done in organizing that content into classes and lessons, or would the freshly re-downloaded content just repopulate them?

Another thought: I have Khan early math content in both French and Fulfulde on our server. Would I need to change the mastery settings on those other languages? Maybe the mismatch is causing problems?

Version: 0.13.2
OS: Linux-4.19.69-v7±armv7l-with-debian-9.11
Python: 3.5.3
Installer: kolibri(apt) with kolibri-server Version: 0.3.8~beta2-0ubuntu1
Server: nginx/1.10.3
Database: /home/pi/.kolibri/db.sqlite3
Device name: raspberrypi
Free disk space: 60 GB
Server time: Wed May 20 2020 18:51:36 GMT+0100 (WAT)
Server timezone: Africa/Douala

Hello @cjackson,

Apologies for the inconvenience! You should not have to delete content to get your changes to show up. However, if your changes aren’t getting saved to the republished database, this sounds like a bug in Studio. Could you please send a link to an exercise that isn’t getting updated along with what the expected mastery settings should be?

Thank you for your patience,

Here’s a link: https://studio.learningequality.org/channels/eabc76dbfc5f4d77a6ec9812d4ed1993/edit/1742d84/de71322

While drilling down to find an example exercise, I then opened it up the “Editing Exercise” window that shows the settings for the exercise. It was still set at “M of N”… However, I had changed the global mastery setting for the entire channel to 100%. This would indicate that changing the global setting does not seem to impact the underlying exercises for some reason. In fact, I just looked at lessons that were recently created where we set the mastery level to 100% from the outset and then imported. The exercises from Khan within that channel are still showing M of N. Example: https://studio.learningequality.org/channels/3deccb98748f4e68b715bbaacb5ef647/edit/6571a35/4722c6b

@Jordan: I decided today to manually set the mastery requirements in some of of the lessons in Studio. These are all Khan Academy exercises. I tried to select multiple of the exercises to change the mastery requirements, but it only applies to the one that I click on after having select the multiple. Thus, to change the mastery setting requires to manually open and edit each exercise.