Khan Acadmy English Math incomplete content

I created a channel in Kolibri studio by copying content from the public khan academy english channel. The token for my channel is:

I installed Kolibri on a Raspberry Pi and on a Chromebook running GalliumOS. In both cases, the videos do not have sound and the exercises are missing images (see screenshot).

This seems similar to behavior I experienced in KALite when I changed the path to KALite content on my server and forgot to copy the language pack. After I copied the files from the old content folder to the new folder, the images displayed correctly in the exercises.

Has anyone else got the Khan content to work?

We are currently looking into some issues with a recent update of the Khan Academy channel. Once we have confirmed that these issues have been addressed, we will post an update here. Hopefully you will be able to fix the issues by simply updating the content.

The issues with the Khan Academy channel should be fixed now, and your content has been updated with the fix. Could you see if the exercise images appear now?

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That worked. I also updated my channel with Khan Grammar content (which also wasn’t working) and it works now too. Thanks.