Updating a channel requires re-importing the channel contents and not just the diff

Using Kolibri version 0.10

As per step 11 at https://kolibri.readthedocs.io/en/latest/manage/resources.html#import-from-kolibri-studio, to update an already imported channel one must use “Import more”. Thereafter there is an option to Update channel version. Hitting that shows “Channel up-to-date” but thereafter it requires reimporting the entire set of contents for that channel instead of just fetching/syncing the updates only.

The channel had vanished from the Channels list on my device until I re-downloaded the entire channel again.

Is this the desired behaviour? I guess not as I had to re-download around 167 GB of Khan Academy content. I tried this process with Khan Academy (Hindi) as well to be sure that I had not made any mistake and there too I had to re-download around 1 GB which seems like the entire set.

Hi shrenik,

Thanks for reporting this! It appears related to another issue that has just been resolved (see GitHub for reference here) where existing resources weren’t being removed during the update process, and the fix will go into the next patch release. Thanks for your patience!


Thanks Laura for reverting on this. Indeed it looks like the same bug. Will look forward to the patch release.