Published Channels have 0 resources

Hi Learning Equality Team ,
I’ve just been trying out the new Kolibri Studio. It’s amazing! It’s much easier to visualize and curate content now. Thank you for all the work done to improve this tool.
However, I’m experiencing the following problems:
All of the channels that I created before this update now have mastery criteria missing. Even after adding this and syncing all of the resources, Kolibri studio still shows that a few resources are incomplete. I attempted to publish the channels with the incomplete resources and this was successful. When importing onto my local instance of Kolibri, the recently published channels either fail to import, or show up as having 0 resources.
Example tokens of channels with this problem:

  • bipuv-lisit
  • mujit-tisim
  • hifog-pirak

Channels that were published before the update to Kolibri Studio are able to import without any problems. e.g

  • nupam-pavob
  • niluv-hibor
  • dilig-sozik
  • mozol-fulop

I’m using a branch of Kolibri 0.13.0 on Ubuntu 16.04. I have also tried the latest release of Kolibri but still encounter the same problem.
My Kolibri has no modifications to the core, and has 1 custom plugin which only changes how the content is displayed.
Your assistance will be highly appreciated.
Warm regards,

Hello @kapsak, thank you for your feedback!

We are sorry for the problems you are experiencing. Studio development team in US is out for a public holiday today, but we’ll be sure to look into this issue starting tomorrow.

Hi @kapsak,

We have made some fixes and think that both the missing mastery criteria, and the incorrect ‘incompleteness’ annotation should be fixed. Could you check your channel and see whether it has resolved all the issues you are seeing? These fixes should also resolve the publishing issues, as the incompleteness marking prevents the content being published to the channel.

One other thing that we are noticing is that we have flagged content that is actually ‘incomplete’, but historical content may have been missing the required fields. If this is affecting you, we can look at ensuring that this doesn’t disrupt channel publishing for you.

Kind Regards,

Thanks @richard
I’ve had a go and it looks like all of the problems above have been resolved! :raised_hands:t5:
Many thanks for the quick response.
Warm regards,