Updating a singular exported channel for a folder with multiple channels

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I have a drive that contains a whole collection of exported channels that can be imported into Kolibri and I need to update a singular channel in this collection. However, I don’t have all the Kolibri channels downloaded, so I was curious as to how this would be done as I’m not entirely sure how the files are organized once all the channels get exported. When I look through the channels in the file folder, the content is quite segmented and bracketed into other folders as far as I’m understanding how it gets exported.

The question in asking is, is it possible to export one channel in Kolibri and then just drop it into my USB drive with all the other channels and still be functional with no regards to the naming schematic of the folders? Or do I need to import all the channels first and then export all the channels in order to get it organized?


If you just export to the same USB drive it will only ever do so additively, so even if you don’t have the other channels imported into the Kolibri you are exporting from, it will just add it as a channel amongst the others.

The only thing that would get overwritten is the ‘channel database’ file, which is what describes all the metadata for the channel itself. All files are stored using an MD5 checksum based path, meaning that they will not overwrite each other, unless they are exactly the same file.

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