Exporting Content

am trying to export channels currently in my laptop onto an external hard drive. When I click on the export button, choose the channel to export, it immediately goes to a new screen showing that its already 100% exported, literally immediately, and it stays in that state. Is this normal behaviour? I am sure there is no way it could have exported 8 gb worth of Khan Academy content in less than a second, so why does it default to showing 100% exported from the start?

Hi @eliteschools,

Could you please copy and paste the log file of kolibri here?
If you install Kolibri from PPA and start it as a system service, then the log file is /var/kolibri/.kolibri/kolibri.log. Otherwise, you can find the log file in ~/.kolibri/kolibri.log.
Also, what is the kolibri version you are using?
And after seeing the progress bar go to 100%, do you see a folder named KOLIBRI_DATA in your external hard drive? Do you mind checking inside the folder to see if it contains any files?
Thank you!