Transfering Library to Another System/Drive

I presently have Kolibri setup in a Linux laptop, with all of my channels downloaded into a folder on my drive. I am looking at setting up Kolibri on an iPad Pro with an external drive to hold the channels.

My question: is it possible to setup Kolibri on the iPad, configure the folder on the external drive for Kolibri, and then transfer all of the files (114GB) from my Linux laptop to the external drive with Kolibri ‘picking’ up the files as installed through Kolibri?

I do not like the idea of having to download all of the channels again.

Thanks for any suggestions and/or advice,

Hello David,

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Generally speaking, it’s possible to import resources from a different device running Kolibri as described in Import from a Local Network or Internet . If you need to share unlisted channel, please also have a look at Allow Peer Import.

However, we don’t have Kolibri application for iPad. Could you clarify what is your intended use?

If the iPad will always be used near the laptop, have you considered accessing Kolibri via a local network in the typical client-server model through the browser?

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My use at the moment is for myself. Lots of interesting things to learn, and refresh myself on.

I don’t understand why there is not IOS or iPad-OS app for the the iPad/iPhone? I think it’s safe to say there are 10’s of millions of iPads being used in the education sphere, worldwide.

Thanks for your reply Michaela, I will try to rig something up.

You’re welcome, David.

To answer your question about why there’s no Kolibri application for iPad, it’s because most of our focus has been on iOS and Android devices as client devices, rather than installation targets.

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How much effort would it be to put an app together (with the option for an external storage for the data) as an installation target? I’m not too keen on lugging this old laptop along, especially now that I have this iPad Pro and keyboard as my new ‘laptop’. Not too mention the laptop is coming apart at the seams.

Hello David,

developing an application is a demanding task, and as mentioned earlier, it’s currently not our focus. For now, I’d recommend using the client-server model.

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