Location of Kolibri Data files

Hello everyone,

I am evaluating Kolibri for use in a group of schools in Nigeria. I’ve managed to download and install Kolibri on a Windows 10 laptop. I’ve also downloaded a few content. I want to transfer this content to a flash drive for use at another location without Internet connectivity. The manual says I should find the content in C:\Users\username.kolibri. (substituting username with the appropriate username here). This folder however doesn’t exist. Is there anywhere else I need to look?

Hello @airsay!

The recommended procedure to export content from one Kolibri device onto an external drive, in order to import it on another Kolibri device without the Internet connectivity, is to go to Device > Channel and use the Export feature. You can find the relevant instructions in the Kolibri User Guide.

The reason you might not see the .kolibri folder could be because your main hard drive is on another unit instead of C:\:

OK. I will try the export option as outlined.

I however do not understand when you say
“your main hard drive is on another unit instead of C::”

Please can you explain this further

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Every storage device automatically gets assigned a letter on Windows.

@radina-matic is describing a modified Kolibri installation, where the .kolibri location is manually changed to a separate storage device.

If you did not modify your installation, .kolibri is likely located in the C:\\ drive. :slight_smile:

How do a modify my installation to set .kolibri on a different drive other than on my OS? I have a 256GB SSD (OS-Windows) and a 2TB HDD. I would like to store my content on the HDD drive.

@whobrien Read how to Change the Location of Kolibri Content Files in the Kolibri user documentation.

It describes how to have Kolibri running from the SSD drive (so .kolibri folder stays with the OS) to allow faster access to the database, but move just the content files to the bigger HDD drive.