Kolibri in Android OS

I am having an import issue in My Android Device from both local drive and external disk too,
System Information : Android OS version : 6.0.1
Model : Nexus 7
Help Me.

Hi Harvinder,

Can you clarify whether you are currently running the Kolibri Android App (from GitHub), or whether you are accessing Kolibri on another server via an android device?

We don’t currently officially support our Android app, as we are still working on the development for release later this year.

However, if you are running it on another server and connecting to an Android device, can you give more detail about how the import is failing?


@laura I am running Kolibri in Android device and it itself is a server because i am trying to import the content on the same device where i have installed Kolibri application.

Hi Harvinder,

Thanks for the clarification. Since you are running the Kolibri Android App, there will be some functionalities missing until we finish developing support for this version over the next year. To use Kolibri now, I recommend installing one of the fully developed versions on a server and then connecting it to your Android device as a client. You should then have a more seamless import experience going forward.

Hi Laura,

Thanks for your help and support.