How to apply Kolibri in Indonesia


I heard about Kolibri from friends, and I studied it on YouTube by watching a video that was uploaded.

From that, I know a bit about Kolibri. I’m very interested in it and feel that Kolibri is fitting for application in Indonesia.

I am a teacher who lives on an Indonesian island affected by poverty and where education is limited. Some areas of the island are without internet access, and some children and adults are still without any access to cell phones or tablets. As a teacher, I see hope in that Kolibri can facilitate education to the rural Indonesian children.

For that reason, my question is who shall contact so that children in this area can use Kolibri?

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Hello @Salota_Atajawa , and apologies for late reply.

Using Kolibri does not require any formal partnership. Kolibri is an open source platform free to download directly from our website. After downloading the platform, you can import resources from our Kolibri Content Library, or import your own content channels. If you are looking to upload your own content for offline use, you will need to use our curriculum tool, Kolibri Studio, and then load your channel into your installation of Kolibri with the designated token.

Kolibri can be installed onto a variety of devices and operating systems. Our hardware guide gives a sense of what technical components are needed for set-up and configuration, and you can see a list of possible device types. Our full set of documentation shares more about installation and using Kolibri. To direct you towards the resources in our Kolibri Edtech Toolkit that may be relevant for your needs, I encourage you to utilize our Kolibri Wizard. Lastly, take a look at our online demo site as well to get a better feel for what Kolibri looks like.

Don’t hesitate to reach our in case of any other doubts!