Slow Channel Download

I am currently in the process of importing the maths package from Khan Academy, which happens to be 8GB. However it is going at a very slow rate (only on 1% of 8GB one hour into the exercise). My question/concern is if for any reason during this very long process either my laptop should run out of charge or my internet access was somehow interrupted or I just needed to physically move with my laptop, does the channel importation remember its progress so that next time I am back online it continues where it left off or do I have to start all over again?


3 days on, and I am no further to getting just the maths package, there is no progress even though bandwidth is being used up. Does kolibri store what its last download status is so that it continues from where it left off or not?

Every time I click to download the maths package it tells me:

I do not understand does this mean I am complete with my download or not, because it is stuck on the same number of “resources selected” however many times I try download the Maths package from the Khan Academy channel.

help please…

Hi eliteschools,

If you start importing and then experience an interruption in internet access, you will need to reinitialize the import process, but previously downloaded files will still be downloaded. We are looking at improving the resuming behavior for this process in the next version of Kolibri.

In your current screen shot, it appears that the files in the Math folder have not imported. Because the KA Math folder is quite larger, we suggest importing it in smaller pieces by clicking into the Math folder and selecting a few sub-folders to import at a time.

Let me know if this helps.


Thanks its sorted now.