Import functionality for some channels is very poor

Some channels import well, and you can select most or all of the content in the channel to import it, other channels such as CK-12 and Khan Academy make you drill through content, and select small packets of content at a time or the import fails.

I have tried setting up several servers, and had some success simply copying the files from the hard drive into the .kolibri content folder in the root directory. This worked for some, however for others it would not recognise the content, but when I tried to import the content, it would tell me it was already on the device, but would not show up in the device screen or the learning screen.

It hasn’t made a difference whether I am importing from the Kolibri central server or from a hard drive. This just means that the import process is very time consuming. Instead of being able to “set and forget” i.e. select a whole channel and import it whilst you work on other things, you literally have to sit next to the computer, prompting it to download the next few 100MB or so every few minutes. If the developers could fix this issue for the next release this would be greatly appreciated.

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Thank you for the tip about copying the contents from the .kolbri folder. This worked for all the channels I tried (PhET and TESSA I think).