Screen Reader is not working properly with kolibri studio

I have noticed that kolibri studio is not working with screen readers flawless as i am using the kolibri studio for the disable guys, i have seen that screen reader is not able to read the main menus and the drop downs properly.

Thank you for the feedback @diwakarbhatt, we’ll report the issue so our dev team can proceed to fix the menu. Could you share which screen reader and browsers are you using: JAWS/Chrome, NVDA/Firefox, some other combination…?

we are using the NVDA tool as screen reader

Hi @RadinaMatic ,

Can you please suggest me some solution so that i can eliminate this screen recorder issue.

@diwakarbhatt I don’t think there’s anything you can do at this time. Our dev team is working on a PR to fix the issue you encountered here, and we’ll update this post once it’s ready.


@RadinaMatic may i know when would the fix be released