NVDA Screen Reader is not able the kolibri desktop application


NVDA Screen Reader is not able to read the icons text and also when classes, or channels imported then confirmation pop up is not readable by the screen reader. May i know, when would the fix be released.

@diwakarbhatt Thank you for flagging the issues you are encountering with the NVDA screen reader.

Could you send the screenshots of the icons that are not announced properly?

When you say ‘pop up’ for class creation and channel import, are you referring to the notification that appears in the lower left corner?

Please confirm also which Kolibri version you have installed, and which browser are you using for testing, thank you!

We have 2 patch releases for Kolibri version 0.15 programmed in the following months, and we’ll try to fit in the fixes for this issues you reported. Would you be available to test some beta installers to confirm that the issues are corrected? Thank you!

Hi @RadinaMatic,

I am using the latest version of the chrome and my kolibri version is 0.15.1

Yes i am referring to the notification after creation of the classes, Lessons and quizzes etc.
those notifications are the not readable by NVDA or you can say not get any audible notification after creating any of the above, and also when we import any channel we didn’t get any audible notifications.

You can check in the screenshot i have highlighted the close button at the top left corner, is also not readable by the NVDA screen reader. NVDA is saying blank to these kinds of the buttons.

I am attaching the screenshots regarding these issues.
Also i am glad to give some contribution by testing these issues

@diwakarbhatt Thank you very much for the detailed reply, and the offer to support with testing, it’s much appreciated!

We opened 2 issues to track the development progress (snackbar notifications, buttons), and hope to have them included in the next patch release for 0.15. As soon as we have a beta installer ready to test, we’ll reach out to you. Thanks again!