[RESOLVED] Studio publishing stuck, can't cancel it

Browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari): Chrome

Channel (Name of the channel you were working on): fifan-takup

Description of problem:
Yesterday I started publishing our channel and it’s been stuck on 0% until today. Worse, when I try to stop publishing it won’t let me - it just goes back to showing publishing.
First it’s publishing:

Then I click stop task:

Then the page reloads but the publishing progress bar is still showing:

We are unable to do any other work on Studio until this issue is resolved.
Any ideas how we can interrupt this publishing process?

Hi @eriklonnroth ,

Sorry for the issue here. Looks like when the publishing task got cancelled the ‘publishing’ flag was never removed from the channel.

I’ve reset it on the backend, so you should be able to access the channel as usual.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Kind Regards,

Hi @richard, thanks for resetting the publishing flag. our latest problem is that publishing is excruciatingly slow and eventually grinds to a halt (e.g. it’s been running for 8+ hours and is stuck on 14%). Any idea what’s causing this? Storage limitation? something else?

Hi @eriklonnroth,

After checking your channel, it doesn’t appear that publishing has stalled but it is progressing slowly. I saw it was at 19% just a few moments ago.

We’re continuing to investigate longer than expected channel publishing times.


Hi @eriklonnroth,

It seems that an issue in our server environment was affecting Studio and tasks like channel publishing. We’ve taken action on it to resolve the issue, and in my testing it appears to have worked.

Please re-publish your channel when you get a chance and let us know if this has resolved your issue.


Hi @Richard we have the same problem, publishing is stuck. Can you reset it for us?

Our channel is called Assam SEBA Curriculum, the token is “tadih-sudad”