[RESOLVED] Studio cache issue - publishing stops abruptly

Channel (Name of the channel you were working on): fifan-takup

Description of problem:
There seems to be a caching issue with Studio as it can’t decide whether a particular folder has 110 resources or 28 resources in it (whenever I go into the folder and back out, it says 110, but when I refresh the webpage it goes back to 28).

This causes a problem when trying to publish. The publishing modal briefly appears, then disappears. I think this is because it still thinks there are no new resources to be published (i.e. it thinks the folder contains 28 resources, not 110). The issue recurs on multiple machines and browsers.

Could you please flush server-side cache for our channel, as this has previously helped resolved similar problems?


@blaine perhaps you’re able to help us?

Hi @eriklonnroth,

This seems likely to be an issue with a mismatch between the server and your local indexedDB cache. It seems likely it has only 28 in it, if you are to log out and log back in again, this should clear the cache issue for you.

Kind Regards,

Hi @richard unfortunately logging out and back in again didn’t solve the problem. any way we can clear out both caches (server and indexedDB)?

Hi @eriklonnroth,

The endpoints that the Studio app reads this information from aren’t cached, so I’m not sure which caches you are referring to - do you have the reference to the previous support thread?

Kind Regards,

@richard this was the previous support thread:

FWIW i somehow managed to publish the 28 new resources and import it successfully to Kolibri. yet Studio still seems ambivalent about whether the folder in question contains 28 or 110 resources.

Ah yes - there was a blanket issue on Studio along these lines (to do with a flag that is set during publishing) which we have resolved here as well, which should be allowing publishing to proceed.

If you can DM me a link to your channel I can take a closer look to see what is happening in this specific case.