[RESOLVED] Stuck on Publishing, cannot cancel, or exit modal

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I clicked on publish, and got the following screen, as expected:
After a while, I clicked cancel. Confirmation message asked me (as expected) if I was sure.
I clicked yes. Modal simply came back.
I set up a macro, because I did not know if the cancel was just for 1 section of the channel. In total, I clicked cancel and the confirm message about 120x. No matter what, the Modal still comes back, and disallows any other actions.

I waited 24 hours, to see if it would return to normal operation (assuming that the issue was just that it would not cancel and needed time to process). Upon coming back after the 24 hour period, the modal represents itself. Leaving me no recourse but to come here, and hope something can be done.

Thank you,

Best regards.

Update: Still publishing 48 hour later AND still cannot cancel.

My channel has about 28 pictures, 1 short video, and 3 question sections.
It’s brand new, and very small in terms of size.
Thank you for your time.

Hello @Sam
can you send me (in private) the id of your channel if it’s the first version, or its token if you have published some previous versions.
The id is the number you can see when you’re editing it, as highlighted below:


Pm sent, thank you José, I look forward to having this issue resolved. I was not able to send the token, because the modal blocks me from going anywhere, but I did send the URL as depicted in your example.

72 hours later, still “publishing”.
Still Cannot cancel:

yes, 72 hours = Saturday , Sunday + Labour day that’s a holiday in USA where devops team resides.
The stalled process will be unblocked today, once the day begins in USA

Thanks for your patience

José, please note that my post was a status update, not a comment on support quality.
Thank you for clarifying that, though. Also, thank you for your timely response to my question and investigation initially.

Thank you for providing your own status update, it’s great to hear that it will be fixed today!

Best Regards.

Hi @Sam,

I have manually resolved the issue affecting your channel’s publishing.

Prior to canceling, did the publishing modal report any progress? How long after initiating publishing did you first attempt to cancel it?


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So, it never reported any progress, that I remember.
It was three days ago, but as best as I can remember it was probably about 30 minutes or so after attempted publication that I tried to cancel it, but please do not take that as fact, I am a bit hazy on those specifics.

Additionally, thank you very much it is now working I can confirm.