[RESOLVED] Kolibri channel Publishing stuck

Good day, I’ve been trying to publish a channel for about 2 hours now and it is just stuck on “publishing channel- 0%” and it does not move or cancel at all.

Technical details

This is happening on Kolibri 0.14.7
running on linux ubuntu 20.4
In google chrome
please help. This is urgent, one of our clients has a competition tomorrow and they need the quizes to be uploaded by then

Hi @William_Motau, we are sorry you are experiencing problems with publishing on Studio.

Could you share the channel token, so our developers can check why the publishing is not successful? Thank you.

Hi @radina-matic, here is the channel token as requested: (edited by admins - unlisted channel)

Thank you @William_Motau, issue forwarded to our dev team, we’ll post here any updates.

Since your channel is not public on Studio, we’ve edited your message. If you encounter similar issues, feel free to share the tokens with our team in the direct message instead of the public post.

Good day @RadinaMatic, any update?

@William_Motau Channel should be published now, could you confirm that you are able to continue editing?

Good day @RadinaMatic, it does publish thank you so much

Hi @RadinaMatic would you be able to help with the following channels, i can’t publish from each of them (edited by admins - unlisted channels).

@William_Motau I’ll pass the list of tokens to our dev team to check.

Feel free to share the tokens for unlisted (private) channels with our team in the direct message instead of the public post.

Hi @RadinaMatic, any update??

@William_Motau Our dev team investigated and none of the 17 channels you posted the tokens for have any pending publishing processes that we could find. Some of them have no changes (channel cannot be published if there are no changes), and for several there are resources with some required metadata missing (for example the ‘Copyright holder’).

We recommend you review each channel and look for the error and warning icons, add the missing metadata, and try to publish again.

@RadinaMatic thank you so much, we’ll look into all the mentioned errors from our end

@RadinaMatic the channel publishing error keeps persisting, do you perhaps know what could be the cause for that?

Hi @William_Motau,

Kolibri Studio’s task processing, which handles publishing, was busy processing a backlog of tasks. Your channel should have successfully published now. If it’s still stuck let us know.