[RESOLVED] FR Khan Academy mismatch of resources

I downloaded FR Khan Academy which claimed 16,311 resources but only got 16,308. I tried download more, but it says all are downloaded.

Hi @Tim,

Can you share where you say the 16,311 resources listed, vs. where you saw the 16,308 total? Are these numbers on Kolibri, Studio, or both? And, which page(s) were you seeing this on? I ask because my suspicion is that the “16,311” might be a miscount, as on KA there are some duplicated resources. It’s possible that the “16,311” value is counting these duplicate resources twice, whereas the “16,308” is not counting the duplicates.

Knowing where you are seeing these counts will help us better understand if there is a bug with our display that is not properly filtering out the duplicate resources in the total, or if there is a problem with missing resources.

Thank you,

Well I can’t find it now. I thought it was here:

Hi @Tim -

Well, that is good news, as it appears you have all of the resources on your device. On Studio, we have 16,308 total resources for Khan Academy in French, so this matches up with what you have. Maybe the mismatch you were seeing just a temporary glitch, perhaps related to calculating the de-duplicated total I was mentioning or some other partially-loaded or out of date information.

I’m glad you have been able to download all of the content successfully. Marking this as resolved.