Content in Khan Academy vs KA Lite vs Kolibri

I am looking at the different platforms and have some questions on what content is available where. As an example, KA > Math > Math III (which my daughter will take soon):

  • Khan Academy’s website has the full set of videos, practices, and quizzes
  • I installed Kolibri locally - at first glance, it appears all the videos match up, and it seems all the practices are there. But the quizzes are missing.
  • I also have KA Lite running. When I go to Math III, there are only 3 videos and only one of the sections even appear. Seems like this would at least match Kolibri?

My questions:

  • Are these intended to be in sync? Should I expect them to be the same and there is something wrong with my installations? Or is Kolibri a subset (no quizzes) and KA Lite an even smaller subset?

  • If a subset, is there a chart / map somewhere of what has been converted over and what hasn’t? It would be helpful to know what is and isn’t available in the offline platforms.

Our family will be moving to a place with very unreliable internet. However, its not that they don’t have any internet, so I’m try to evaluate setting up a completely offline KA Lite / Kolibri installation vs using the offline cache / sync later feature of the Khan Academy iPad application with intermittent internet access.

Very excited about the work here though! As a CTO, leader of a software team, and 25+ year developer, I’d like to get involved on the Github side and see if I can get some of my colleagues to volunteer.


Hi Jonathan,

We would usually expect KA Lite and Kolibri to be in sync at least for the Khan Academy content. As of now, we do not support Khan Academy quizzes or exams in Kolibri or KA Lite. I would advise to use Kolibri as that has a more complete set of the content.


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Do you mean you cannot take Khan academy quizzes on the Kolibre? The questions do show up but I cannot proceed to the next question after answering the first one.

Hi @Johnson,

This is a very old thread - @rafael is referring specifically to a specific type of Khan content at the time. Kolibri does support the majority of assessment based resources in Khan Academy.

It sounds like you are seeing a specific issue in Kolibri when attempting exercises. What version of Kolibri are you using? Do you see any errors in the developer console when you are unable to proceed?

Kind Regards,

Hello Richard
I am using the latest version, that is the 15.5 maybe? My specific challenge is with the Khan academy English and Maths exercise, after the first question, the second question does not show up.