Not all files are downloaded, a lot of missing files!

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There are still a lot of files missing, especially in computing.


In maths and world history documents are missing. I am talking about Khan Academy (English) channel in Kolibri. I cannot fully learn without these documents, is there any way I can download them? They are definitely reasonably small in size because they are just text and images.

I took the shots above from Khan Academy website where all files are available. In Kolibri, the files highlighted in yellow do not exist at all.

Does Khan Academy Lite download them? Khan Academy Lite does not work at all for me as it just keeps saying “starting server” forever and nothing happens at all.

Technical details

  • Kolibri version: latest 8/28/2019
  • Windows 7
  • Chrome

The files you have highlighted are all in the Khan Academy article and scratchpad formats, which are very specific to the rendering on the KA website and not currently supported offline on Kolibri (or KA Lite).

See previous thread here

Proper rendering of the article and scratchpad formats will require significant development effort so we have not started on this project yet. I’ll interpret the exclamation marks in your screenshots as a positive vote for developing this feature :wink:

Thanks for your input.