Khan Academy Exercise diagrams disappearing

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Lately most of the Khan Academy exercises are losing their diagrams when learners try to participate and we can not seem to be able to change the diagrams in kolibri studio successfully, each time we try chznging the diagrams we end up with an error message resulting in most of the content not being published. Please see the images attached, we have reached out to Khan academy and they said they can not help since we use kolibri as a UI platform. we would appreciate a response ASAP, Thank you

Khan Old exercise image

Hi William,

Could you clarify some details for me? What version of Kolibri are you seeing these issues in?

Do you have any screenshots of what it looks like in Kolibri when these diagrams disappear?

I see you are editing exercises - the exercises we import from Khan Academy are not editable in Studio, so could you clarify what exercises you are editing here that you seeing issues with?

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@richard the exercise looks like the picture below and we tried editing the Khan academy exercises that has this issue and we came up with so many errors

@richard This is happening on kolibri 0.14.7,

Hi @William - thank you for the extra context. Do you see the same issues in the latest version of Kolibri (0.15.3)? We have made several bug fixes to exercises since 0.14.7.

To further debug, could you open the developer console (can select it from the menu or press F12) - and share any red text that appears in the ‘Console’ tab there? A screenshot of it while the issue is happening would also be fine.

@richard this is happening in kolibri version 0.14.7, here is the error in console below

Hi @William - thank you, this error has been fixed in 0.15.3, I would recommend upgrading to resolve these issues.

@richard even after upgrading to the latest version the error still persists, please see the image attached

Hi @William - hrm, yes that’s still a problem, although it is a different error now at least.

What channel is this resource in - will help for us to take a look to replicate locally.

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