[RESOLVED] 2020 CSV Data Missing

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Good day, I know this is an old version of Kolibri in question, but we have a major issue where learners were using Kolibri in certain months of 2020. We need to compile a report for our biggest sponsor but no data were recorded in 2020 in two centre’s so far and they have a few more.

No technical issues comes up. I have completed one lesson and it recorded it on CSV. Only problem is that we had staff during the learner sessions that was there saying they did you the system but it was not recorded in the CSV file. Is there a way of getting the data back in 2020 that was not recorded please? We are desperate, please advise. Thank you.

Technical details

  • Kolibri version - 0.12.9
  • Raspbian
  • Browser - Chrome

Hi Bryan,
@jredrejo informed me that you were able to resolve this over e-mail. Glad to hear! I am going to close this thread as resolved as an FYI.