Kolibri Data ( understanding the flow)

Staff reported that data was not showing for Kolibri for student removed from 1/25/23-1/31/23.

We are wondering if there is a lag between the time a student completes tasks in Kolibri to the time that the data is written to Kolibri or if there is any information about how data is shown on your end.

Any help with this is greatly and truly appreciated.


Desmond Hayes

Hi @Desmond_Hayes,

The data should be recorded as the student is using Kolibri. Is it possible that they were accessing Kolibri as a guest, and so the data was not associated with their account? Or perhaps they were logged in as another student?

Just to flag that I have removed the student’s name from your post out of an abundance of caution for learner’s PII.

Kind Regards,