Reporting scenario - issue? or how it is designed to work?

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A Coach at ObAnggen is asking for help clarify if a Reporting scenario is an issue or perhaps this is the way it was designed.

This is the Coaches description of issue?/design?

After a student completes a lesson from the teachers view there’s a good star and "completed. But if the student keeps going and answers incorrectly, the gold star changes to the red “needs help” and we can no longer see if they have completed the lesson or not without going into the lesson and then into the practice to see if they’d completed 5 questions in a row (for example).

These are screenshots showing the issue?/design?

Could this “reporting scenario” be fixed/changed to where even if they continue with wrong answers we could still see if the lesson was completed from the teacher view?

Please let us know if you need more details. Thank you for your help.

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ObAnggen server info:

Version: 0.15.8
OS: Linux-5.4.0-132-generic-x86_64-with-glibc2.29
Python: 3.8.10
Installer: deb kolibri-server - 0.4.0-0ubuntu2
Server: nginx/1.18.0 (Ubuntu)
Database: /home/kolibri/.kolibri/db.sqlite3
Free disk space: 308 GB
Server time: Mon Nov 21 2022 08:58:37 GMT+0900 (Japan Standard Time)
Server timezone: Asia/Jayapura
Device ID: 1a7cfa3ad9fc1886fccc88287c50efd4

Hi @mrdavidhaag,

Thank you for reporting this discrepancy. It does seem that the learner completed the exercise from your screenshots. Our team will investigate whether the ‘Needs help’ status isn’t working as intended.


Hi @blaine
Thank you for the prompt reply and the github link.
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