Feature request - drag and drop order change

Hello Support,
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May we please as if a feature request is a possibility?

Under the “plan” and “lessons” tab we can open a lesson and rearrange the videos and practices so the student will see them in the correct order. The Coaches really like this feature

Screenshots explaining request

Would it be possible to request a feature that mimics the ability to drag and drop order of items for the “Lessons” and Quizzes" tabs?

The Coach adds - “Right now it’s difficult when we make changes and then can’t rearrange the lessons or quizzes to put them back into proper order. The students view gets confusing when lessons are out of order.”

Thank you for your consideration of this request.

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Ob Anggen server info:
Version: 0.15.8
OS: Linux-5.4.0-132-generic-x86_64-with-glibc2.29
Python: 3.8.10
Installer: deb kolibri-server - 0.4.0-0ubuntu2
Server: nginx/1.18.0 (Ubuntu)
Database: /home/kolibri/.kolibri/db.sqlite3
Free disk space: 308 GB
Server time: Mon Nov 21 2022 08:58:37 GMT+0900 (Japan Standard Time)
Server timezone: Asia/Jayapura
Device ID: 1a7cfa3ad9fc1886fccc88287c50efd4

Hi @mrdavidhaag,

Thanks - we’ve had requests for being able to order lessons and quizzes before, and have so far failed to act on it due to resource constraints our side - I’ll pass this onto our design team for consideration and see what we can do!

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Hello @richard
Thank you for the prompt response. We understand about resource constraints.

Greatly appreciate the possibility of a design team consideration.

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This would be a great improvement.

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