Incorrect report of quiz results

Hello Support, Hope you are doing well.

Coaches at ObAnggen School are reporting incorrect quiz results for some students. The specific example given to me is after a student completes a quiz the report shows a 100% score with 14 of 11 questions answered.

But then with a closer look by opening the students quiz the actual questions answered correctly is 8 out of 11 and an actual score of 73%

I am not able to test in depth with the actual database. I cannot retrieve the database from ObAnggen School because it is over 4GB and the school has limited satellite internet. Screenshot of files in .kolibri directory below.



  1. Do we need to “repair” the database? meaning that perhaps if we clean-up the database, these errors will be fixed?
  2. Is there a procedure to trim the database to a range of dates? meaning can we downsize the database to only include this school years data?
  3. Is the “uwsgi.log” file a necessary file for Kolibri normal operation? Can this file be deleted or downsized?

The Kolibri server at ObAnggen School has been in operation for several years with growing number of students and continually accumulating database. Disk space is not an issue, but perhaps a clean-up and downsizing of the database is in order and a yearly maintenance of database put in action.

ObAnggen School Kolibri server info:
Version: 0.15.7
OS: Linux-5.4.0-131-generic-x86_64-with-glibc2.29
Python: 3.8.10
Installer: deb kolibri-server - 0.4.0-0ubuntu2
Server: nginx/1.18.0 (Ubuntu)
Database: /home/kolibri/.kolibri/db.sqlite3
Free disk space: 308 GB
Server time: Mon Nov 14 2022 20:29:27 GMT+0900 (Japan Standard Time)
Server timezone: Asia/Jayapura
Device ID: 1a7cfa3ad9fc1886fccc88287c50efd4

Many thanks to Learning Equality for your hard work and dedication to helping others. The Kolibri server at Ob Anggen School has become a valuable asset to the teachers and students. There are several students who were the first users of Kolibri now in colleges in USA and Indonesia. The knowledge gained from the content in Kolibri helped prepare these young people for the future they now are living. Thank you!

Hi @mrdavidhaag,

Thank you for the kind words! The Learning Equality team is happy to hear that Kolibri has made a difference.

the report shows a 100% score with 14 of 11 questions answered.

This seems clearly a bug that we need to investigate further. We’ll followup when we have more information.

Regarding your other questions:

  1. There shouldn’t be any need for ‘repair’ of the database. Although, the size of the database might be contributing to the other issue you posted. The larger database may cause longer request times and even request timeouts. With larger database sizes we recommend using PostgreSQL, but that’s a fairly advanced procedure and management.

  2. Such a Kolibri feature to reduce the database size does not exist, unfortunately. Going forward, you may consider creating a new Kolibri instance for every new school year, and archiving the previous database file.

  3. That uwsgi.log log file can be safely removed. It would appear that log file was perhaps copied from the logs/ directory? It hasn’t been modified since 2021. Generally, it’s safe to delete log files while Kolibri is stopped. Any deleted log files should be recreated (without contents) as they’re only for application logging and auditing purposes.


Hi @blaine

Thank you for the prompt reply and answers.

I will talk with school leadership to see if starting with a fresh Kolibri instance each school year is possible or not.

I was hoping that we could trim the database to keep the past 4 years and repeat the trimming each year.

Thank you again for your help.