Number of Resources Completed out of Total in Class

We have a class that teachers are engaging in Ghana and Rwanda and when I access the class as a coach, I can see that the maximum number of resources showing as completed is 47. The class actually features 78 total resources so we are trying to understand why a teacher who has completed 100% of the class shows a maximum of 47 resources completed. We are on Kolibri version 0.14.7. Any idea why the number of resources completed don’t align with the number of resources in the class when somebody has finished?

Has anyone else noticed an issue like this when evaluating class completion?

Hi Andy,

Can you share perhaps a screenshot of the page where your teachers are seeing this? Is it in the “Reports” page on the list of learners (example below)? We haven’t heard of this happening in other instances so it would be great to understand further and we can look into it.