Access a List of Participants Who Have Completed a Class

We’ve offered a teaching certificate to around 300 teachers and would like to be able to access a list of the participants who have completed the entire class. At present, I navigate to the reports for the class, click on Learners and then scroll down the list for those who have completed the most exercises. I can then click on their names one by one to see if they have completed the entire class.

It would be helpful instead if there were some way to access a list of users who have completed the entire class. It would also be helpful, in some cases, if a participant shows as “needs help” with one of the exercises, to be able to manually mark them as having completed the class.

Hi @Andy_Johnson - when you say ‘completed an entire class’ here, are you talking about having completed all the exercises in a specific lesson, or something else?

We’ve had a few different requests for something that can get flagged in these kind of circumstances, so we are trying to best understand the use cases here! Interested for further thoughts.

Kind Regards,

Thank you for your reply @richard and for looking into this! If you navigate to “Reports” as a coach, you can see the list of learners who have “Completed” a particular lesson. You cannot see, however, who has completed all of the lessons. Completion would involve having navigated through each part of the lesson and having completed the exercises.

One reason this would be helpful is that we want to send a certificate of completion to those who complete the entire course. If Kolibri could automatically mark those who have completed all content in the class as “Completed” that would be ideal. It would also be helpful to be able to manually mark somebody as completed if, for example, they are showing as “needs help” in one of the lessons but they actually did complete it. I hope that makes sense but happy to provide any further clarification.