LightSail and Kolibri integration


I am interested in learning more about the compatibility of the new Kolibri platform with LightSail. Right now, LightSail requires internet to function and we are looking into the possibility of building a local server for offline communities. If we did acquire a local server, would the content and functionalities found in LightSail be able to integrate successfully with the Kolibri platform?

Any insight you have here would be helpful. Thank you!

Hi Ali,

There is currently no integration between LightSail and Kolibri, but it would be possible to use Kolibri to provide a reading experience for students. We’re working with various content providers in order to have multiple sources of content including books in many languages, and designed for different grade levels. It is also relatively easy to import your own content into the Kolibri platform. The currently supported formats are PDF and HTML.


Hi Ali,
Glad we were able to connect over email to discuss this specific integration! Going to close this thread since we’ve connected further already.

Thanks Ivan for the input!