Moodle and Kolibri integration?

Hi there,

I have literally thousands of questions built on the moodle platform. Will it be possible to integrate these into Kolibri? Would love to be able to run my moodle questions in a low bandwidth context.



Hi Andrew,

What file format are your moodle questions created in? At public release we will only support the following file formats: MP4, MP3, PDF, HTML5 apps, and Markdown documents. However, we anticipate expanding to include other file formats, but I can’t offer a timeline yet on when we’ll have that available.

Hi Andrew,

Following up on Laura’s answer, I will recommend you look into exporting your Moodle content into one of the formats supported by Kolibri. For example content can be packaged into standalone HTML5 zip files, see [1].

Kolibri currently supports a limited number of exercise formats: single select, multiple select, and input questions. If your questions fit well into these categories, it might be possible to write a conversion script and import them into Kolibri. See here for more info. There is currently no way to automatically do this conversion, but this is something we consider in the future.



As a Kolibri fanhuman and user in waiting I would also suggest taking a look at the perseus question creator out in the open source space created by Khan Academy. Check out the link here; I believe that a lot of (perhaps all) of the exercises in the Khan Academy channel are built with this open sourced resource.


Oh thanks Mark. Had no idea this existed. It’s fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

I guess my follow up question is whether questions built with perseus will work in Kolibri?

Ivan indicated there’s a limit to the current exercise formats: “single select, multiple select, and input questions”?

Yes, Kolibri also supports Perseus questions (that’s how we bring in the KA exercises). See the link to the ricecooker docs that @ivan posted above.