Offline Version of Kolibri Studio

I’m fairly new to the Kolibri studio and have been experimenting for a couple of weeks now. I’ve downloaded a number of channels from the Kolibri Content Library to my local instance. We are in a part of the world where access to cheap Internet is a challenge. Now that I’ve downloaded all the channels that I need to begin aligning to local curriculum, it would be helpful if I do not need an active internet connection for the remainder of the process. Once a curriculum is put together offline, it could then be connected to the internet to be pushed up to the online Kolibri Studio. The need to always be connected to the internet while working on curriculum development can be quite challenging for many.

Hello @ericM

Your feedback is very much appreciated as it will help us improve our platforms even further. As Learning Equality, we are fully committed to enabling an all inclusive environment to quality education and that means tackling challenges including internet connectivity. cc @richard


Hi @ericM,

Yes - we’re aware of these concerns, and are doing our best to incrementally address them. Our first step has been to make the Kolibri Studio user interface more usable over unreliable connections, to ensure that work that is done is handled locally and then propagated to the backend server.

The next step here will be enhancing the currently limited curation functionality offered by the lessons feature in Kolibri. We are currently conducting user research to best understand the breadth and focus of the needs for offline creation, and so far, I think we will not be immediately focusing on full curriculum alignment in an offline setting, but I can see a strong use case for pushing towards this eventually.

We are collecting feedback and details on these use cases via a survey and would be very grateful for any time you could spend sharing more details with us.

Thank you!


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