Kolibri is unable to start, there's no folder in: \Users\apple\.kolibri\logs\

Kolibri is unable to start

Kolibri is unable to start. You can find additional information in your kolibri home folder

Technical details

  • Kolibri 0.16.1
  • windows 7 32bit
  • chrome

I checked my pc, there’s no folder in: \Users\apple.kolibri\logs
Who can help me solve this problem, thx


This is curious, but logs would be helpful to determine what exactly is going wrong. Our testing with 32bit Windows has indicated that things function normally in that environment, so there might be something unique to your setup preventing the start.

I checked my pc, there’s no folder in: \Users\apple.kolibri\logs

Just to clarify, would that be C:/Users/apple/.kolibri/logs? Is your Windows user named apple? The structure typically goes: C:/Users/<username>/.kolibri/.