Kolibri error after upgrade

Hello, after upgrading to version 0.15.2. I have been receiving an error that ‘Kolibri is unable to start’ I have attached a screenshot of the error. At times Kolibri installs correctly but after a while it pops up the error.

*Kolibri version - 0.15.2
*OS - Windows 10
*Browser - Chrome, Edge

Hello @alfred!

Thank you for posting on our forums, and apologies for late reply.

One possibility could be that the error you are experiencing is a result of the antivirus or Windows defender blocking the access to Kolibri. To investigate further we should take a look at the logs from your device. Could you compress the logs folder and upload it somewhere (posting the link here) for our dev team to inspect? According to the screenshot the logs should be in the folder C:Users\Spektron\.kolibri\logs\.