Kolibri Import Problems

At times Kolibri will not find the KOLIBRI_DATA folder on an external drive or USB drive to import data. Has anyone seen this before?

Hi @pecarey53

How have you installed Kolibri, and how is it started?

I’m thinking that the drive might not be ready for some reason during booting of your system. Or that you may be starting kolibri from an environment that doesn’t have access to the drive.

Hi Benjamin. I have Kolibri installed on a windows 10 laptop. It launches automatically on boot / login and opens in Chrome. Then I will go through the import options - sometimes it finds the USB drive and other times it does not.

Hi @pecarey53 - thanks for reporting your problems. In the case where you do not see the drive, would you be able to post some debugging information in this issue? There are some instructions in the first comment: https://github.com/learningequality/kolibri/issues/4190