Cannot import data from a local drive


I have received several data files for Kolibri but when I go to try and import them (whether on my hard drive or on a USB disk) it doesn’t recognize that they are there. I’ve tried the workaround mentioned in your user guide of copying the content folder directly to C:\Users\User.kolibri. However, I am able to import the files from the Kolibri Studio (but my internet connection is poor).

Technical details

  • Kolibri version - .12.8
  • Operating system - Windows 10
  • Browser - Google Chrome

Any helping in solving this problem would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

Hi Josh,

Are those data files under a KOLIBRI_DATA folder inside your USB disk? We look for that folder in the base of your USB drives.

Yes, they are. I have a folder on my USB (and on my hard drive) named KOLIBRI_DATA that contains all of the content. The Kolibri software doesn’t seem to recognize that the data files are there.

Hi Josh,

Thanks for confirming that. Here are a couple of guesses we had in mind:

  1. Windows isn’t recognizing the drive as a USB drive (identifying it as another?), and thus Kolibri can’t find it using its normal method
  2. The USB drive isn’t stable and goes on and off frequently
  3. Somehow there’s a bug in the way we identify USB drives

To figure out if your issue is 1., do you have an extra USB drive? If so, please try copying the KOLIBRI_DATA folder in there and see if Kolibri now detects it.

Hi @Josh_Vinton,

When you plug in your USB or hard drive with the Kolibri content inside, could you go to and copy the content in the browser to here? Also, could you tell us the name of the USB or hard drive that shows up in your computer? Thank you!

So when I try to do this it says the local drive is not authenticated.

The USB disk is F:\ Hard drive is C:\

  1. I’m able to copy other information off of the USB drive.
  2. I’ve tried using a different USB drive and have the same problem. So I think this is unlikely.
  3. It’s not just if I try from a USB drive, it also won’t identify data files if I copy the KOLIBRI_DATA folder onto the computer hard drive. Does that makes sense?

Hi @Josh_Vinton,

I’m sorry I should have double checked the url before I posted this yesterday. Instead of, could you try go to http://localhost:8080/api/tasks/tasks/localdrive/? If it still says local drive is not authenticated, please log in through the Log in button on the top right corner of the page.

Also, when you copy from the USB drive, could you please confirm if you follow the steps below? Thank you!

  1. stop the kolibri
  2. copy the entire folder content under KOLIBRI_DATA on USB drive to the kolibri home directory so the kolibri home directory, so that there will be a folder C:\Users\User\.kolibri\content
  3. start the kolibri again