Khan Academy lesson progression out of order

I just noticed this today while working with a new student. Our setup is probably different from others in that I download the entirety of the Khan Academy English content for our community learning center. I don’t take the time to set up classes, etc. for the users. They have free range to find what they want/need and work from there.

However, I have found that the lesson progressions that Khan has set up are helpful in guiding these students in their learning path on the different topics. Today, I was introducing a student to the new NGSS Middle School Biology content. I discovered that the explanatory video is in the tile that follows the related practice, rather than before. This is confusing and also makes the pop-up window once having completed an exercise to “Move on” to the video that should have been viewed before doing the exercise.

So, in the first topic on the cell, the video on the cell that introduces the needed content to work the exercise is sequentially after the exercise, rather than before. This repeats in the following topics.

I decided to check this against Khan online and found that in fact these videos do proceed the the associated exercise in sequence. So, somehow the sequence in Kolibri Studio is backwards.

Finally, I just took a look in the other new NGSS topics and saw that this same problem occurs there, too.

Wondering if there is a fix that I can do, or is this something that you would have to correct at the Studio level?

Hi @cjackson - thanks, this seems like an issue that must have happened in the recent updates we made. We’ll have to fix this on our side, but should hopefully only involve updating the metadata, and not needing to redownload any resources.

OK. Great. Let me know when you are able to sort that out.

Thank you