Ka-lite downloads slow

Good day to everybody, I have been having problems downloading the files. It seems that the downloads are taking forever. I have a good internet connection speed of 1Gbps and able to download other files more than 40MBps. I did try the torrent but it is also taking forever because there are no peers/seeds. I have been trying these for more than a week now.

@joshslaton can you post a screenshot of the videos you are downloading in KA-Lite? And what language are you using? Thanks :slight_smile:

Let me check. The language would be english, and the one im downloading on the other computer right now is Math. I was able to download Computing, College careers and more, resources. Because the files are small enough, although it still took more than 6 hours. This is my third time downloading math, science and others. When I try to leave them overnight,
the download seems to stop by itself, even if our connection is very stable. Another proof of the stability is I was able to download a 200+ G worth of educational videos over kiwix.