Can KA Lite videos be accessed from an external hard drive when using Windows 7?

We gave our old 2004 Dell Inspiron laptop, with only 40 Gb of storage to a student in rural India. I had to redownload portions of the content ( a very slow affair because connectivity is much inferior) because I had the entire 288 GB of English and Bengali content downloaded on my hard drive before we left USA, but could not select portions of it to copy to the small laptop. Is there any way to access the KA Lite content folder when it resides in an external hard drive but the program is installed on the C drive (I tried installing it in an external drive but it would not run) ? Since many of the devices available in rural India may be older laptops that are donated, storage would be a problem, but a 1TB external hard drive could easily accommodate the videos. If anybody knows, sure would appreciate any help. Thank you