KALite torrent files disk size much bigger than 35.6GB?

I am now downloading ka-lite-0.16-resized-videos-english using uTorrent program and it shows it has downloaded 4.81GB from 35.6GB. but the size of the downloaded 4750 files on disk is 10.3GB!!! (more than double what i was expecting). Is this normal? so I will need more than double 35.6GB disk space to download all KALite torrent files?
I very much appreciate your help

I think when bittorrent starts downloading a file, it reserves the entire space for the file, including parts it hasn’t downloaded yet (because it doesn’t download file pieces in order, and inserts the downloaded pieces into the appropriate places in the partial file).

So, not to worry – total size is going to be 35.6GB :slight_smile:

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