Installation errors

I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or if I’m missing some extra configuration, however the Kolibri 0.16 version presents the following problems
(these problems occurred when installing on different devices and they all gave the same errors):

  • the canal section is stagnant (image attached below)

  • lessons posted by tutors are not visible to students

Hello @Enrique_Leiva

I’ll begin by the 2nd item that’s probably easier to fix. Can you take a look to this item of the documentation Manage lessons — Kolibri User Guide ? It looks like the visibility of the lessons habe not been set.

For the first problem, if you’re sure the server has Internet connectivity (required to access to Studio servers) , I’d need to take a look to your server logs in order to investigate what may be happening. Logs are stored in your kolibri folder , it’s a couple of files: debug.txt & kolibri.txt . In case you need help to find them, this section of the documentation explains it: Troubleshooting — Kolibri User Guide

You can attach them here.