What happended to my installed Kolobri?

I installed Kolibri version 0.11.0 on my system (windows 8) which is to serve as a server. the installation went well and Kolibri was working alright. However, I realized that after I downloaded content from a channel, Kolibri has not been able to run again on the same system. what I get is an endless “server is starting…please wait” message and the browser never launches the application.

I have installed the same Kolibri version 0.11.0 file on two other systems (windows 7) but I get error messages and it doesn’t load /run on the 2 systems.

Can some body please help with information on what to do?


@Judematrix Experienced similar issue on Windows 10. Opened Task Manager, terminated residual kolibri.exe process and restarted Kolibri. It is working now.

Thanks for the suggestion but I just did that and it’s still not coming up.


Hi, Create a new windows account and work in Kolibri from there, use that account just for that. I hope it help!

Thank you very much…it worked.

Hello sir,
I downloaded a channel and the problem started again.

Now Kolibri cannot run again on the new user on my system. keeps doing what it was doing with the previous user.

this problem starts when I download a channel

Hi Jude,

Could you send the file /Users/username/.kolibri/kolibri.log to laura@learningequality.org, along with any screenshots that better demonstrate what you’re seeing?


I’ve sent the log and the screenshot.

Thank you very much.

Hi Jude,

Please refer to the latest post on the issue that was filed on GitHub for steps to resolve: https://github.com/learningequality/kolibri/issues/4810