Incomplete Kolibri Studio

In Kolibri Studio, it is saying that content is incomplete and cannot be published. However, it does not tell me why. Any way this feature could add an explanation as to why? That way we can diagnose the problem and find a solution.

Hi @Rebecca_G.17,

Could you send me a direct message on the forum with the name and id of your channel?

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For context - we think this warning is actually erroneous, as we have received similar reports from others who are not seeing the errors marked specifically in their channels.

We believe we have resolved any potentially erroneous error marking now - so if the warning is still displaying, the best way to identify is by navigating through the topic tree until the marked content is displayed.

We are also brainstorming internally about how to better jump users to the resources that need updating to make this a more pleasant user experience - thank you for your feedback.

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Thank you!