Importing H5P content to Kolibri


Thanks so much for an amazing educational solution.
I am exploring the possibility of importing H5P content into Kolibri, and I’ve found on RiceCooker that there is experimental support.

I’ve also seen that the contributions happened at the end of 2019, and I haven’t seen any more development.

How experimental is it?
Has anyone used it?
Have you found any issues?


Hi @nicopace,

Thanks for getting in touch!

We have mostly pegged the support as experimental in order not to raise expectations without additional testing. Currently we are able to import via Ricecooker and use on Kolibri. On Kolibri there is a plugin to render H5P files that can be activated with the following terminal command:
kolibri plugin enable kolibri.plugins.h5p_viewer

This should then allow import of H5P files and allow them to be displayed and rendered. I am not aware of any extant issues with H5P rendering, but we have also not extensively tested it with a wide range of H5P files, hence our hedging!

Let me know if you run into any issues testing it.

Kind Regards,

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Will enable the plugin and try it on my local setup, and report if there is any issue.

Thanks @richard,

Excuse me for such a long turnover time on this.

I have created a local environment in my computer so I can work without the pi being around.

Already enabled the h5p_viewer plugin

I can’t wrap my head around how would I import a bunch of H5P files I have locally, as I have always imported my content, never included my own.


Hi @nicopace,

No worries - currently, we only allow content import via the Studio platform (we realize being able to import locally on the offline Kolibri platform would be a useful feature, and it is in the works, but has been delayed because of our pivot to support post-COVID19 implementation models)… Because H5P is experimental, we have limited import to only be via the ricecooker import mechanism (rather than through the Studio interface). Documentation for that can be found here:

This will allow you upload the files to a Studio channel and then import that channel into Kolibri.

Kind Regards,

I will try it out.
Didn’t wanted to pollute the Studio environment for tests, as it is the one used by the schools and the tests might confuse them.

Will do the ricecooker test later, thanks for the tip.

hey this is yeffri from the future, just asking if the experiment works and how can i replicate it

Hi @Yeffri_Salazar,

How is the future? I do hope it is well.

We plan to release better support for H5P in 0.15.0, and will move to make H5P uploadable in Studio then also. Look out for changes happening towards the end of October/beginning of November!

Kind Regards,

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the future using kolibri is brighter and shiny thanks for all the job
Thank you for the support to h5p, we will try some tricks until 0.15.0
I dont speak english sorry about my bad english lol
but thank you again

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