H5P content access issue

Could you kindly help me with the issue I am facing with h5p content access on Kolibri?


While accessing h5p content I am getting a messages that “server took too long to response” and “server refused to connect”

Technical details

  • Kolibri version - 0.15
  • Linux - Ubuntu 18.04
  • Browser - Chrome, Edge

More Details -
Kolibri is running in docker container on port 8080. I have imported h5p content from studio, after its uploaded using ricecooker. Whenever I try to access h5p from front end, the request goes to a different port like (45583) in same domain and I get following messages :

  1. That connection refused if I open the same port on my server.
  2. Server took too long if I do not open the port on server.
    The port on which h5p content is accessed changes whenever I start the new container.
    can’t see any more information in the logs.

Could you please help?

Manish Deshmukh

Hi @Manish,

As you have observed, the H5P content is indeed expected to be on a separate port to the main Kolibri server (this is to help enforce proper sandboxing of content for security reasons).

The port 45583 is being used on your docker image for this at the moment - this is configurable, either through the options.ini or via an environment variable. The name of the option to set is ZIP_CONTENT_PORT - for more details, please see the autogenerated options.ini in the Kolibri home directory which contains help text explaining the different options.

If you wish to use an environment variable, you can see the different environment variables using:

kolibri configure list-env

along with help text describing their role.

You would need to set this and also make this port available from your docker container, I believe.

Kind Regards,

Hi Richard,

Many thanks for the quick response. Your email has resolved my issue. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!!

Best Regards,
Manish Deshmukh