FYI H5P and Lumi is (partially) compatible with Kolibri Studio

In a nutshell: I was able to upload an interactive HTML5 activity, created with H5P and Lumi as a .zip file by renaming the .html file to index.html before zipping and uploading it.

Explanation: You may be aware of the excellent interactive content platform, H5P ( H5P ā€“ Create and Share Rich HTML5 Content and Applications). Lumi Education ( Lumi Education) has created an offline program for developing interactive H5P activities and exporting those to a single, inline .html file. That interactive content (file) can then be opened from the computer on which it is stored, without access to any server - it opens and runs in the browser.

I was hoping to upload such content to Kolibri Studio. When I wanted to upload it, I was only offered the content types mp3, mp4, pdf, epub and zip, no option for HTML.

I decided to try to add the .html file to a .zip file and upload that. When uploading, I got an error message that the index.html file was not found in the .zip file. I then renamed the H5P/Lumi html file to Index.html and zipped that and tried uploading again. I got the same error message. I renamed it with a lower case ā€œiā€ index.html. This time it worked. However, the activity I chose to upload was an interactive video and I got the message that the video format/type is not supported. I tried with another content type: flash cards. This time it worked!!! Eureka!


Thank you for sharing your experiment! I will try Lumi and share my results.

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